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Here we introduce State-of-the-Art technology of Microprocessor based elevator controller for each and every requirement. Microprocessor is the latest technology in electronic industries and is now most successfully used in elevator industries for last few years. Below given some of the salient features of Microprocessor




Manual Door VVVF Controller

Manual Door Controller Auto Door VVVF Controller

     •  Microprocessor based control logic system.

     •  Opto isolation between hoist way wiring & micro controller.

     •  Manual door, Auto door, Hydraulic controller.

     •  Down collective, full collective, collective-selective, Duplex systems for collapsible and auto door systems.

     •  Single speed, two speed, three speed and VWF Drive systems.

     •  Single reed per floor & gang switch compatible, car top reed.

     •  Fire switch with hooter control, auto fan facility & auto / attendant.

     •  Hall call buzzer, door open buzzer & voice announcement facility.

     •  Call register indication with led, floor number display with 7 segment facility.

     •  Powder coated control box.

     •  Electrical & Mechanical both the safety is provider as a final limit switch.

     •  Single phasing and reverse phasing protection is provided.




     •  Friction in the governor pulley is very high due to relatively small angle of grove for gripe the rope.

     •  Sleeve bearing are inserted in both pulley.

     •  The governor is equipped with pivoted double arm lever on which roller is mounted on end.

     •  It is quite reliable in operation.

     •  It is designed for operation in both direction Tripping

     •  Each governor is tested on tripping speed and sealed at the factory.

     •  Test groove is Provided.


JE Cabins

  Cabin Finish :

Base : Spray Paint / Powder Coated in any choice of colours of aesthetic look and long life


Optional: Stainless Steel hairline finish or metal effects / mirror finish

  Entrance Finish :

Base : Spray Paint / Powder coated


Optional: Stainless Steel hairline finish or metal

  Flooring :

Base : PVC


Optional: Aluminum Checkered plate

  Ventilation :

Axial fans known to generate airflow in small circumferential dimensions have been replaced by specially designed overhead ventilation girds that one only add value to aesthetic ambience, but also efficiently circulate the airflow over a larger expanse. Ideal for tropical weather conditions.

  JE-01 :

Car panel: Powder - Painted Steel

Car Door: Powder - Painted Steel

Handrail: Stainless Steel Handrail

Floor: Marble Floor

  JE-02 :

Car Panel: Hairline Stainless Steel & Mirror etched stainless steel

Car Door: Hairline Stainless Steel

Handrail: Wooden Handrail

Floor: Endurable plastics floo

  JE-03 :

Car panel: Lemon Yellow Aluminum & Glass Combination

Car Door: Small Panel Stainless Steel

Handrail : Optional

Floor: Marble Floo


  JE-04 :

Car Panel: Mirror Stainless Steel, White and Wooden

Car Door: Mirror Stainless Steel

Handrail : Wooden Handrail

Floor: Carpet Floo






     •  The contact are between the rope and the pulley groove is large the unit pressure in the groove is lower and the durability of the groove is increased.

     •  Wear resistance.

     •  High rigidity and hardness.

     •  Good Sliding properties.



JE - A1 JE - A2 JE - A4
JE - A1/1 JE - A2/2 JE - A3/3 JE - A4/4
Working Voltage of Display & Push Button (Options)

     •  7 Segment Display : 12V DC /AC, 24V DC /AC

     •  Dot Matrix Display : 12V DC / AC, 24V DC / AC

     •  LCD Display : 12V DC / AC, 24V DC / AC

     •  Push Button : 12V DC / AC, 24V DC / AC